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Argowil – a Real Family Business

Argowil is a real family business. It was founded in 1996 by Jac Arts and became a closed corporation (BV) in 1993. At the end of 2003, Frank Arts traded in a position in the transportation sector for a job at Argowil, which then had a team of 35 people. Frank was responsible for advertising. In 2014, he agreed with his parents that he would take over the company. “It was the first time I had been involved in a business transfer,” he said in a statement for a publication by Rabobank. “In that sense, it was very much a journey of discovery.”


The takeover came into effect on January 1, 2006. Frank Arts made his goals clear from the outset: “I want Argowil to grow.” And it has. The company now employs seventy people. In 2012, Argowil built a new production hall in its hometown of Venray in the Netherlands, with 2,000 square meters of production space and 300 square meters of office space. 2014 saw the arrival of the “Argowil 2020” business plan, as part of which the company welcomed an operations manager and sales manager in 2015 and 2016.

Frank Arts’s Dream

In 2006, when he took over Argowil from his father, Frank Arts dreamt of becoming a successful business owner. He is working together with the management team and the employees at Argowil to achieve this dream. “Of course, we organized a party in 2016 to celebrate our twentieth year in business. What I enjoyed most was seeing our employees bring along their families to explain and demonstrate what we do. They did this wholeheartedly, with a genuine sense of passion for what they do.”

Founded Argowil by Jac Arts



Argowil becomes a BV

Acquisition of Argowil by son Frank



Build new production hall and offices

Argowil writes business plan 'Argowil 2020'



Freek Arts starts as Operations Manager

Jack Michiels starts as Sales Manager


Frank Arts
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