Customer-specific and On-demand Cable Assembly

Although a specialist in cable harnesses, we can also produce the components or entire devices that a cable harness needs to be connected to. Our specialists make each and every device that can be put together according to a process description.

We carry out in-house electronics tests to make sure that all passages and fastenings function flawlessly. Alongside reducing the risk of errors, this process ensures that you as a customer can enjoy a high-quality product – and one which we are proud of.

Cable assembly is used in a range of applications.

> Printers > Petrochemical gauges
> MRI scanners > Chip modules
> Vehicles for emergency services > Packaging machines
> Industrial machines > Salt spreaders

What Argowil Can Offer You

  • Products tailored to customer specifications and made on demand
  • Comprehensive tests
  • On-demand stock production
  • Fast delivery!

If you're a large international company or small or medium-sized company looking for a reliable partner, then contact our cable-assembly specialists for a no-obligation consultation. They'd be happy to help!


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